Core Values

The value of a company lies in the leadership and dedication of its employees. We're enthusiastic about the work we do, and our goal is to build and maintain a team of experts that feel the same way.

Our goals are to remain employee-oriented and customer-focused. The key to achieving both is to hire good people. Technical aptitude is important, but we also emphasize:

Innovation Link is committed to technological innovations. We believe that evolving expertise is necessary to keep pace with emerging threats. The investment in our employees to keep pace with advancements in technology furthers their skills, matures their ideas and in turn, furthers our client’s missions.

Individualism Link aspires to build a brand of technical excellence while also understanding each employee's diverse interests and needs. We believe that connecting on a personal level is critical to the success of each employee and the company. 

Teamwork We want to tackle the world's hardest problems while also working collectively and collaboratively across clients and missions to establish the necessary technical outreach at Link that enables the success of all.

Diversity We embrace and encourage diversity among ideas and individuals.  It supports the growth of employees personally and professionally. We believe the most diverse environments yield the most creative solutions and promote maturity as an individual and expert in your field.